Gaffer Event

Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd September 2018

Please note that this event is not covered by a Notice of Race.

Dartmouth Royal Regatta Sailing Week is a celebration of sailing and we are conscious that there are plenty of sailors who don't necessarily want to race all the time. Our Gaffer Event is designed for sailors of Gaff Rigged boats who want to enjoy the pleasures of Start Bay during Regatta, and the challenge of competition against similar boats, but without the hurly burly of racing among the faster yachts. Come and enjoy a friendly and competitive couple of days sailing.

On both Saturday and Sunday, boats will sail a fixed course in Start Bay, noting their own start and finish times. The course will be announced nearer the time, depending on the weather and to keep clear of the race fleets. Boats will compete under their OGA handicap.

Saturday’s event will run jointly with the White Sail yachts (although with separate prizes for the Gaffers), while Sunday’s event will be exclusive to the Gaffers. Meanwhile The White Sailers will have a separate Cruising Skills Competition [White Sail Page], which Gaff-rigged boats are welcome to enter if they prefer.

The course will be decided by 20:00 the previous day, depending on the weather and to keep clear of the race fleets. It will be emailed in pdf format to all entrants, available to download from the website, and printed to collect from RDYC, and Darthaven Marina

Instructions are now available here for Saturday and here for Sunday, together with a Start Bay marks chart. 

The entry fee is just £10.00 per day. Click here to enter.